Groups are an important way to connect with your church family. You can connect with a group that is already going. We have groups for men, women or men and women. We offer growth and healing groups to help with specific situations you may be facing. We have all kinds of groups!

New groups are starting all the time. Once you’ve decided to join or host a group, commit for a season to give new relationships and friendships a chance to flourish.


Small groups are the one of the best places for sustained life change to happen. We are devoted to gathering and talking about how to apply the God’s Word in our lives . . . and to do it surrounded by friends who are also pursuing God. Small groups meet every day of the week in homes and locations throughout town.


Home Group Atascadero Home Group San Luis Obispo Home Group Nipomo Hiking Group


You can also launch your very own group and we will help provide you with the training and resources you need to make it great! All you need to be a group HOST is to:

  • Have a heart
  • Open your home
  • Serve a few refreshments
  • Tell a few friends